The classic passenger car. Sedans feature a “four door” configuration by merit of their separate trunk and cabin space.

While the distinct sedan style makes them to go to choice for many car buyers, beauty is more than skin deep where the sedan is concerned. [Nerd alert!…Here comes the techy bit….!].

Sedans feature an extra bulkhead separating the cabin and trunk. This increases chassis stiffness makes sedans feel solid to drive and reduces cabin noise. Sedans have a smooth flowing exterior shape and low frontal area, which results in low wind resistance or drag. Low drag increases fuel efficiency, increases top speed and reduces wind noise.

The combination of solid driving dynamics and comfortable cabin space means that many people consider sedans to be the ideal “drivers cars”.

Sedan at a glance

Classic looks
Solid handling and refined feel
Separate passenger and load space

Fun Fact- With a Cd (coefficient of drag) value of 0.22 and a frontal area of 2.19 m², the Mercedes A-Class Sedan has the lowest drag of any production vehicle worldwide.

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