Good things come in small packages! While hatchbacks are traditionally at the smaller end of a vehicle lineup, clever use of space in this popular segment of vehicles has meant that you can have your cake and eat it!

The term hatchback in its most literal form refers to a car that has a trunk door that is hinged at the top with no permanent divide between the trunk and cabin spaces. Why is this important? It’s important because not having a permanent divide between the main cabin and trunk, combined with a removable parcel shelf and folding rear seats results in a tremendously flexibility and useable interior space making hatchbacks some of the most versatile vehicles on the road!

Hatchbacks are known for their sporty and nimble handling, making them both easy to maneuver in a busy town and fun to drive on the open road.

Being at the smaller end of the vehicle lineup, hatchbacks are some of the best value for money vehicles to buy and own. Hatchbacks are predominantly front wheel drive and usually feature small fuel efficient engines. Due to their light weight, their power to weight ratio often results in cars that feel nippy and responsive to drive.

Sharp handling, stylish looks, great fuel economy, deceptively spacious interiors and features galore are some of the reasons why this segment is as popular as ever with people of all ages in the Caribbean.

Hatchback at a glance

Great Fuel Economy
Sporty Handling
Deceptively Spacious and Flexible Interior Space
Popular with families and people of all ages.

Fun Fact- due to their compact size and versatile interior, hatchbacks are the go to choice for many motorsport series, such as World Rally (WRC), World Rallycross (RX) and Touring Cars.

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